My Woodbridge story

It was a fateful, bright sunny day – just like today – 22 years ago.  I was driving down 202 when I saw the Conner Homes ‘For Sale’ sign.  The builder had just broken ground on phase 1 and had done no marketing.  Since many of my clients worked at Microsoft I immediately recognized the value of this vibrant community we now call home – Woodbridge.

Having got the word out and helping Conner Homes sell more homes than any other realtor in a single community in Conner Homes history, the builder presented me with their signature Woodbridge logo that used to hang in the Woodbridge office here, remember? It was signed by all members of their staff as a token of their appreciation.

(The logo as it sits in my office today)

If you have any questions at all about the market, please write to me at


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